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Classy and modern lamp with a twist of something different and extravagant. This beautiful and unique lamp series is designed by Verner Panton himself who had a special thought with this particular series of lamps. His goal with his design was to give people something to think about which he has definitely strived for with this piece of art that resembles a moon.

The popular Moon

Perfect lamp series for the modern, classy and unique home. The designer behind this unique and popular lamp series want to use his design to give people something to think about which he definitely achieves with this work that resembles the moon. Beautiful and different lamp that presents itself as a piece of art in the house.
Stilren Verner Panton Moon

The designer behind Moon

Verner Panton is a design icon of our time. He is famous and well-known for his colourful personality and unique sense of colour, function, shape and not least the function of light. His greatest works have been in furniture, lighting and room design. A for for which he is particularly known is the molded plastic chair the ”Panton-chair”, which still stands as a historic piece of design today. Throughout Verner Panton's design career, he has developed a series of modern lamps that reflected his personality and Scandinavian architecture.

berømt designer Verner Panton

The story behind Verner Panton

Verner Panton is and always will be legendary. The first lamps were designed and produced in 1964, and since then the development has been going upward. To this day, Verner Panton's designs are decidedly still popular which is due to the combination of spectacular and edgy designs that also contain a sense of timelessness. Verner Panton will continue to be a significant design icon in Danish history for many years to come.
Historien om Verner Panton


Verner Panton Moon